Who we are


The Social Management Styria Association (Verein Sozialmanagement Steiermark) was founded in 2003 to initiate and operate various projects in the field of youth welfare services. In November 2007 we were recognized as an institution of youth welfare.
Currently our focus is on:

Child guidance and youth care

Social and educational coaching (youth welfare)

Social coaching

In addition, we see ourselves as a platform for comprehensive care within the framework of social services.
We offer:

Our team is highly qualified, multi-professional, continually trained and regularly supervised.
One of our principal tasks is to provide the administrative background for frictionless cooperation between our clients and our team.
On the basis of the legal regulations (personal and professional aptitude) we train and qualify social coaches and youth care workers.

Our contractual partners are to be found in all Styrian provincial capitals. Our application form gives you the possibility to register as a member of our pool of free-lance collaborators.
We are at your service for additional questions (see “Contact”).

Our Guiding Principles

It is the encouragement of young people in the social, cultural and spiritual areas which is the main concern of Social Management Styria.

Our aspiration is to help adolescents, through individual forms of care, to achieve their full potential, regardless of their social or cognitive strengths and weaknesses,

With our highly qualified staff the support needed in individual cases is directly given to the children and adolescents entrusted to us. This comprises help with finding a job, re-orientation after times of trouble or in mastering the challenges at school through tailored support.

So we strive to create conditions under which the persons involved in the care process can meet on equal terms, problems are solved in a cooperative way, and caregivers act as role models and not just as authoritarian figures. Sustainable care and joint coping with all challenges of our young people provide the basis for the achievement of our most important target: To enable young people, through successful counselling and care, to lead a happy and successful life making their personal wishes, goals and ambitions come true.